1. If you’re incapable of, unwilling to, or too stupid to know how to treat Me with the worship that is due Me, get the fuck out of here.

Address Me properly, do as I say, think of Me FIRST before you speak, act, or make decisions. Respect Me. Remember your place at My feet, you shit.

2. Don’t annoy Me. I don’t want to be pestered, asked a million questions, or bored by you. Remember that, unlike you, I have a life that I am out living. Remember it is you who owes Me, and that ANY attention I give you is a gift you have earned. I am entitled to all your money, stuff, time, adoration, dedication, and servitude. So don’t ask what you get for blah blah, or can you have whatever if you whatever.
This is all a part of respect. I am a Goddess. you’d never ask a Goddess anything. So don’t ask Me stupid crap.

3. Give Me money or go away.


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