What’s Your name? Where do You live? How old are You?
Aaaand the questions never stop. you will address Me as Alpha or Princess, and if you EARN the right to hold any sort of conversation with Me, I will be happy to engage you in this stupid-ass smalltalk, fucktard.

How may i serve You, Princess Alpha?

you must first catch My attention. Creativity, grandeur, and MONEY are what I’m after. you can try to make Me laugh or smile by humiliating yourself for Me, doing something special just for Me, and, of course, giving Me the tributes and presents I’m due.

Can i be Your slave?

you must earn the right to serve Me as an owned slave. I am only interested in owning good little piggies with money to spare. I don’t care how much money you have, mind — I only care how much of it you’re willing to put in its proper place: MY HANDS!
Anywho, I’m always interested in adding a pig to My shitheap, but I won’t take just anybody! Impress Me.

How can i get my pathetic little dick the rush it needs and pay You, Queen?

For now, email Me at alphamean@gmail.com for further instruction.

What do You look like, Goddess Alpha? Can i see you naked?

I look like a fucking perfect angelic Goddess, shithole. There are photos and videos available of Me on clips4sale, I have a webcam, and I have pictures available on this blog as well.

You will never ever ever see even the tiniest hint of My nude form. I would never dream of exposing My heavenly body to someone like you.

Does this turn You on?

Unlike a lot of findommes, I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass about what I get out of our exchange. I am going to tell you the truth – always – because frankly I don’t need to impress you or convince you to stay around because I have plenty of others who are totally devoted.
So to answer the question:
Sort of.
you do not turn Me on in any capacity. I love money. I am greedy and material and vain and I am insatiable for money. Do I cream myself when you give Me money?
Fuck no. Nothing you do could do that.
You do this for several reasons: 1) to make Me happy, 2) to give your shitty stupid pathetic life meaning, and 3) because it turns you on. If you need to think you’re making someone jizz from sending them money, then find another girlie, cuz you are GROSS.

Are You pregnant, Queen Alpha?

I was! I had My son, and am now working on new content. As though it isn’t enough that I am Supreme and Mighty and Perfect, I am now the Ultimate Female…a Mother.

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