About Alpha

This is not a game of pretend to Me. Some girls fake it for the money, but I LIVE IT for the money…and for the thrill of humiliating, dominating, blackmailing, manipulating, and hurting you!

Yes, I have always been a strong and dominant female, and yes, I have always manipulated others to get what I want using any means necessary. Any Domme will tell you the same. I have always been a real-life brat. I always get what I want. Nobody dares deny Me. I don’t hear the word “no.” I am gorgeous and intelligent and funny and fun and amazing, with a sexy body and great taste and style. I’m a God and an ALPHA FEMALE.
The very existence of pathetic perverted twerps like you pisses Me off. you have no fucking purpose or use.
I have the power to give you purpose and to use you, and if you’re good, I just might exercise that power. My will be done, motherfucker!

Are you worthy?

If your answer was anything other than a resounding NO, go away.

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