I had such a great weekend.
I know you didn’t, since I didn’t update anything. you must have been so bored. Poor puppies!

One of My favorite moments was going out to dinner with some of My friends from middle school. We’ve all been so close..for ten years now!!…and they were FLOORED that there are actually sad little men who beat off to being rejected! Hahaha..it was so much fun giving them the ins and outs of your pathetic interests.
My male friend asked what was keeping him from posting up a picture of a pretty girl to get your money, too. I assured him that you guys are plenty gullible and horny enough to fall for it, and that plenty of people do that!
It reminded Me, however, to upload My proof video, haha…
Which I will definitely be charging up the ass for.
That will be up this week, along with some rip-off clips and ignore films, and hopefully My Intro to Alpha niteflirt PTV.
In the meantime, call Me on My ignore line and click those tribute buttons!

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