Send Me to SF!

I want to go to San Francisco in the beginning of September, so you pets have some spending to do.

First class airfare on My favorite airline (Virgin): $600
Cabs: $200
Nights out: $300
Hotel: Staying with My boyfriend
Shopping: $600
Food: $300
Total: $2,000

annnnnd I need new luggage before I go. Since I want the Alpha collection from Tumi (duh!), I’ll need some Nordstrom gift cards, too. You can purchase those here:

Gift Card

for the email address, as always 🙂

Contributors who use the payment options above will be entered into a raffle. The winner will have the option to buy the photographs taken on My trip, and all contributors will have the opportunity to buy a single photograph of My choosing! What fun!

Don’t forget to check out My niteflirt listing so you can make regular tributes and indulge in My many upcoming games, stories, audios, and videos:
If you need advice on how to afford My SF trip, feel free to send Me an email and call Me. I have plenty of ideas on what you could do to make money..

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