I have filmed about ten videos for release on Wednesday.
I know that those interested in humiliation, tease, and domination would love them. They are sexy, creative, and starring My mega-sweet self. The concepts are fresh – NOT the same old same old all the other financial dommes do – and the shots are crisp. I look good (as always).
There is a glaring flaw however that I am starting to question if I can overlook, and that is this: they don’t feel genuine.
They aren’t as sexy as they could be, because rather than feeling right there with Me, it is very obvious there is a lens between us…and that doesn’t fly with Me.
I refuse to release content that isn’t The Best.
I have a gift for connecting strongly, no matter how many miles, wires, pixels, phone lines, or even seas are between us, so until My video clips that convey that, I am holding out on you.
I’m not going to represent Myself with something that doesn’t fully demonstrate how amazing I am, no matter how much money it could prise from your sweaty grasp!

Instead, on Wednesday, I will launch My niteflirt, several audio recordings available on various platforms, photographs, proof clips, and more!
And, yes, of course I will be releasing My videos! Eventually.
When, while watching the video, I think you’d feel close enough to touch, I’ll share…just to drive home the point that you never, ever will.

Until Wednesday, My pets!

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