Honestly? I know I rule but I am so shocked at how good I am at being a momma.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to Me as I’m becoming a woman that it is true that people try so hard to oppress women. Having My son is the latest revelation. Childbirth was easy, quick, and exciting. Early motherhood is a dream. I still have a hot bod and I still have time to take care of Myself. I love having My son and taking care of Him and it is NOT HARD. But I’ve heard the opposite My whole life. Just like I was taught that men were faster, smarter, better, stronger, earned more, were more logical… And who could blame men for these lies? Women can exact so much power over a man that he should be fucking scared. And a coward tries to get you to quit before you start.
It doesn’t bother Me, obviously. I know the truth..and even if these things were true about most women and men (they’re not), you are a piece of shit of a man and I am a fucking God.
So try to oppress Me! I dare you.

I had a friend over the other day, and she was venting to Me about getting fucked on a business deal. Hemorrhaging money and getting nothing in return (funny…just what you’re here to do!!).
Normally I’m not friends with victims and complainers. They’re boring and tragic. Life is awesome, honestly, and if someone refuses to tap into it they’re not even on My radar.
However, this particular situation DID interest Me simply because her main gripe was, and I quote:
“Men…they have one hand on their wallet and the other on their dick.”
She meant it as a derisive comment about men’s priorities, but I found it so amusing and so so true…
and SO to My advantage. 😉
I can practically hear your pulse quickening from here, you twerp. I know your hands aren’t far from either.

I’ve had plenty to do lately, but I really crave making videos and programs to fuck with My pay pets. I guess I’ll have to free up some time, won’t I?
Look for fun updates over the next few weeks…

Hate you!

As those of you who are in correspondence with Me know, I had My son. He is perfect. Obviously!

I’m NOT taking any leave and am still available to kick your ass at My descretion.

Hate you,
Princess Alpha