Such a sexy, relaxing weekend. It’s so good to be Me. I’m totally intoxicated by how awesome My life is.
And you lowly little worms, you pathetic buckets of queef..our teamwork makes it all possible. Me ruling, being strong, owning you, working you, fucking you over, manipulating you, and (maybe) letting you cum, while you snivel, beg, worship Me, surrender and submit and EXPLODE.

Everyone gets what they want. And I come out on top…as always.
Thanks for fulfilling your destiny, sluts.


PS – new content up this week. Totally re-vamping. Enjoy!


I love My life. I don’t want to say I’m lucky, exactly..because I’m worthy of all I get and it’s not a coincidence. I deserve it all. I do take action to align shit and make things happen.

But sometimes it all seems so easy. So intoxicatingly perfect and simple.
People are drawn to give Me gifts and money, to help Me with things, and to please Me. Not just slaves, but everyday people. It makes them happy to give Me things I want. I don’t even have to ask usually. I certainly don’t have to ask you.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, things are going really well.

I don’t really like the format of this page or My application, and I think I really need a re-vamp. Not to mention more content.
Maybe I’ll make a point to do that tonight.

Give Me your money,


That was a long hiatus..

…from the blog, little ones.

I am very serious about building a web presence because, let’s face it: I am having a baby and living My life as a financial sadist is not going to continue to be an option, at least face-to-face except in special circumstances. It’s not an environment I’m interested in exposing My son to.
More accurately: sad, pathetic creeps like you are not men, and I don’t want My son around you.

Anyhow, I am very serious about being able to use videos, games, emails, phone calls, My webcam, and My blog to continue living out My lifestyle. And I am having so much fun figuring it out. I have so many brilliant ideas and I can’t WAIT to play with you pay sluts.

But I’ve obviously had a lot to do. I have a baby on the way, I just moved and have been working tirelessly on a million projects. I am in a serious relationship. I’ve still had time to do what I do, but expansion to a whole new way of living My fantasies as a financial dominatrix has been on the back burner. I feel a little freer after this week, though.. like I have the time to dedicate.

I feel like a lot of girls who do this have a reputation for being lazy, spoiled rotten princesses, and I realize that some of them portray themselves that way and some of them are. I realize that’s what some of you are looking for.

I am not that.

I am a hard worker and an ambitious person. I am classy and kind and tactful and luscious and intelligent, and I enjoy being busy and doing My best.

There’s nothing wrong with being a bratty princess, and in a way I am that: I am demanding, My expectations are high, and I throw a shit fit until things go My way.
But I am so much more dangerous than a spoiled daddy’s girl in a two hundred dollar tracksuit and a couple sad old men sending them tributes.
I understand how that’s arousing from the perspective of the financial masochist as well.
But I am not that. This is as much about the mindgame for Me as it is about the cash…and it IS about the cash, because without it you’re USELESS to Me. Without your money you’re just another man on the street who wishes he could have Me.
I am a woman, not a girl. I am manipulative and ruthless and I don’t actually care what you want, and I enjoy manipulating you, it’s profitable and it’s fun and it’s never a chore.

I am always here to fuck you up. I am always thinking about your money. I am always prising it from you with My mind & soul, and you always belong to Me.
So I hope you enjoyed that break, boys. Because I’m back and you’re Mine.


ps…One of the projects I was working on was getting high-quality equipment for my videos/cam sessions. So there’s that to look forward to. Happy anticipation…

Because I Said So

How did I end up here? What makes Me such an effective wallet rapist, seductress, Mistress and Queen?

I guess My power, My looks, My brains…My manipulative and demanding nature and My innate sense of worthiness make Me so strong. And you are weak. Where else was life to lead Me?

I am brutal and ruthless, for sure. Our relationship is a sado-masochistic one, after all. But the real magic is in My ability to make you want it as badly as I do. I don’t do this just for your money. I love money. I love one thing more than money, though – and that is fucking you over for My own gain. Manipulating you. Learning how your individual brain works and infiltrating it with the NEED for Me. To think only of Me, to desire only to please Me, to do anything it takes to make Me happy. The reason men flock to Me, despite My obvious cut-above-ness, is because they are enjoying this as much as – if not more than – I am.

I don’t need to convince or coerce you into giving Me anything. I don’t need to ask. I’m not a commission-driven salesgirl. I’m a Princess. I am entitled to your EVERYTHING, and you agree.

Why do I get everything I want, every time I want it?

Because I said.

~AlphaWorship It