This website sucks!!

Stupid wordpress can suck My dick. I’m just not allowed to link to My niteflirt listing?? Yeah, fuck y’all. Moving My blog to another website tomorrow. Eat Me.

I had such a great weekend.
I know you didn’t, since I didn’t update anything. you must have been so bored. Poor puppies!

One of My favorite moments was going out to dinner with some of My friends from middle school. We’ve all been so close..for ten years now!!…and they were FLOORED that there are actually sad little men who beat off to being rejected! was so much fun giving them the ins and outs of your pathetic interests.
My male friend asked what was keeping him from posting up a picture of a pretty girl to get your money, too. I assured him that you guys are plenty gullible and horny enough to fall for it, and that plenty of people do that!
It reminded Me, however, to upload My proof video, haha…
Which I will definitely be charging up the ass for.
That will be up this week, along with some rip-off clips and ignore films, and hopefully My Intro to Alpha niteflirt PTV.
In the meantime, call Me on My ignore line and click those tribute buttons!

Send Me to SF!

I want to go to San Francisco in the beginning of September, so you pets have some spending to do.

First class airfare on My favorite airline (Virgin): $600
Cabs: $200
Nights out: $300
Hotel: Staying with My boyfriend
Shopping: $600
Food: $300
Total: $2,000

annnnnd I need new luggage before I go. Since I want the Alpha collection from Tumi (duh!), I’ll need some Nordstrom gift cards, too. You can purchase those here:

Gift Card

for the email address, as always 🙂

Contributors who use the payment options above will be entered into a raffle. The winner will have the option to buy the photographs taken on My trip, and all contributors will have the opportunity to buy a single photograph of My choosing! What fun!

Don’t forget to check out My niteflirt listing so you can make regular tributes and indulge in My many upcoming games, stories, audios, and videos:
If you need advice on how to afford My SF trip, feel free to send Me an email and call Me. I have plenty of ideas on what you could do to make money..

Niteflirt listing launched!

Call Me..

Call Button

I have filmed about ten videos for release on Wednesday.
I know that those interested in humiliation, tease, and domination would love them. They are sexy, creative, and starring My mega-sweet self. The concepts are fresh – NOT the same old same old all the other financial dommes do – and the shots are crisp. I look good (as always).
There is a glaring flaw however that I am starting to question if I can overlook, and that is this: they don’t feel genuine.
They aren’t as sexy as they could be, because rather than feeling right there with Me, it is very obvious there is a lens between us…and that doesn’t fly with Me.
I refuse to release content that isn’t The Best.
I have a gift for connecting strongly, no matter how many miles, wires, pixels, phone lines, or even seas are between us, so until My video clips that convey that, I am holding out on you.
I’m not going to represent Myself with something that doesn’t fully demonstrate how amazing I am, no matter how much money it could prise from your sweaty grasp!

Instead, on Wednesday, I will launch My niteflirt, several audio recordings available on various platforms, photographs, proof clips, and more!
And, yes, of course I will be releasing My videos! Eventually.
When, while watching the video, I think you’d feel close enough to touch, I’ll share…just to drive home the point that you never, ever will.

Until Wednesday, My pets!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m TOO NICE.
Sure, I make you cry and beg and embarrass yourself, and I wouldn’t bat an eye before dragging you to bankruptcy or telling your wife where your money goes, but that’s such a small percentage of everything. I write this blog for you little boys…I spend some of MY precious time coming up with ideas for things you can do to put Me in your mind when you should be stoked to just throw money at Me! I like to think that you are GRATEFUL, that you see how kind I am to allow you to give to Me. I am sweet to dominate you. Never forget that.

Am I too nice?


Honestly? I know I rule but I am so shocked at how good I am at being a momma.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to Me as I’m becoming a woman that it is true that people try so hard to oppress women. Having My son is the latest revelation. Childbirth was easy, quick, and exciting. Early motherhood is a dream. I still have a hot bod and I still have time to take care of Myself. I love having My son and taking care of Him and it is NOT HARD. But I’ve heard the opposite My whole life. Just like I was taught that men were faster, smarter, better, stronger, earned more, were more logical… And who could blame men for these lies? Women can exact so much power over a man that he should be fucking scared. And a coward tries to get you to quit before you start.
It doesn’t bother Me, obviously. I know the truth..and even if these things were true about most women and men (they’re not), you are a piece of shit of a man and I am a fucking God.
So try to oppress Me! I dare you.

I had a friend over the other day, and she was venting to Me about getting fucked on a business deal. Hemorrhaging money and getting nothing in return (funny…just what you’re here to do!!).
Normally I’m not friends with victims and complainers. They’re boring and tragic. Life is awesome, honestly, and if someone refuses to tap into it they’re not even on My radar.
However, this particular situation DID interest Me simply because her main gripe was, and I quote:
“Men…they have one hand on their wallet and the other on their dick.”
She meant it as a derisive comment about men’s priorities, but I found it so amusing and so so true…
and SO to My advantage. 😉
I can practically hear your pulse quickening from here, you twerp. I know your hands aren’t far from either.

I’ve had plenty to do lately, but I really crave making videos and programs to fuck with My pay pets. I guess I’ll have to free up some time, won’t I?
Look for fun updates over the next few weeks…

Hate you!